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Young Artist Concerto Competition

Congratulations to all of the young musicians today. The following are the Young Artist Concerto Competition winners for this year.

Matthew Simpler

Concertino op. 73, Movement 1
Johann Hummel

Dorrie Twede

Piano Concerto in E Major Op. 59, Movement 4
Moritz Moszkowski

Lily Oliverson

Symphonie Espagnole Movement 1
Edouard Lalo

Mission Statement

Utah Valley Symphony aims to be the premier orchestra in Utah Valley, allowing the best musicians in our population to perform great music to the highest standard. The symphony is committed to serving the community by

  1. educating audience members of all ages
  2. fostering young musicians
  3. engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships with Utah Valley arts organizations.
In order to pursue these aims Utah Valley Symphony will be self-sustaining.

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