Meet the Musician

Karen Walters



About the musician

I grew up in a musical family. my father being a Professor of Music at the University of Oregon who played numerous instruments and loved an eclectic collection of music. I studied piano with him, playing around on a small hand pump organ, harpsichord and anything he brought home to play. I started violin lessons at age 13 and enjoyed strong community and public school programs in Eugene, OR. The emphasis was on excellent preparation and sharing from your heart in orchestras, symphonies and choirs, an environment I thrived on.

I played violin at the UO and BYU, having great experiences and joined the UVS about 35 years ago. I've loved our passionate conductors, Clynn Barrus, Bryce Rytting, several guest conductors and Blanka Bednarz.

I've played in various venues and groups across the Wasatch Front sharing classical, pop, religious and fiddling music, another passion of mine. I've been fortunate to take master classes from 4 fiddling champions at the Fiddle Fest in Weiser, ID. I've played in forests, rose gardens, alongside lakes and the magnificent Pacific Ocean for loved ones, weddings and funerals.

Teaching violin and piano is another long term passion as well as loving the young people I teach, accompanying them on piano and guitar. On Sundays I moonlight as an organist in church.