UVS Musician Auditions

We are always looking for great musicians to perform with us.

Email for more information or to make an appointment.

Audition Requirements:

  1. Email a short bio about 5-20 sentences with a contact phone number.
  2. One 3 minute solo that displays your capabilities. Accompanist is not required.
  3. Orchestral excerpts that may be downloaded below.
  4. Sight Reading

If you are auditioning on any of the following instruments you can download your excerpts below.

  • Bass (String Bass)
  • Bassoon
  • Cello
  • Clarinet Prepare all the 1st Clarinet excerpts. For a greater chance to be accepted, prepare the Eb Clarinet and the Bass Clarinet parts as well.
  • English Horn
  • Flute and Piccolo (If auditioning for 3rd flute/Picc, prepare 3 min flute solo AND Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto in C, RV443 1st or 3rd mvt)
  • Horn (Excerpts are: Mahler Symphony 4, Shostakovich 5, Tchaikovsky 5)
  • Oboe (2nd excerpt is Smetana -The Bartered Bride)
  • 1st Trumpet
  • 2nd Trumpet
  • Viola
  • Violin

Audition FAQ

Is there a fee to audition or participate in the UVS?
There are no fees. Just paying for your own gas!

Are there age restrictions to becoming a UVS member?
Must be 18 or older to audition for the orchestra. Generally we discourage college students from performing in the UVS. This is for a variety of reasons; a college schedule is already demanding, and most colleges around here already have groups in which college students can perform.

Must you be a resident of Utah County to join the UVS?
Not necessarily. Some members of the UVS live in outlying areas that do not have a symphony for them to perform in. If you are living in Salt Lake County we encourage you to participate in the many local groups that are up there. However, if your instrument is needed to fill a position in our orchestra then we would like for you to join us after a successful audition. (This mostly occurs for wind and brass instruments.)

What is the rehearsal schedule like and the performing calendar?
We rehearse on Wednesday nights from 7:30-9:30 in Provo at the Seventh Day Adventist Church. View our rehearsal schedule for this season on the Google Calendar. Generally, a performance cycle will have 4-7 rehearsals. Go to our Season page to see when we are performing. For the 2018-19 season, the days of the week vary in our performances. Whenever the first concert is (i.e. Thursday) then the Dress Rehearsal will be the night before (i.e. Wednesday).

What are the expectations of the musicians?
From the Policies and Procedures:

We are a volunteer community orchestra that aspires to create the best possible music and musicianship. Our policies aim to help us reach that goal. I understand that the Music Director may dismiss me from the Utah Valley Symphony if I am unable to maintain these agreements.

  1. I understand that if I will miss more than 2 regular rehearsal per concert cycle, or the dress rehearsal or a performance, then I will skip that concert cycle.
  2. If I am unable to attend a concert cycle, then I will notify my section leader as soon as possible, but no later than three weeks before the first rehearsal.
  3. I will do my best to arrive at least 10 minutes early for rehearsal so that I can be warmed up before the downbeat.
  4. If I am unable to attend a rehearsal, I will make sure that:
      • For strings: my stand partner gets the folder for the rehearsal (unless they have their own copy).
        For everyone else: I have arranged for a substitute, and he/she will have the music.